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So you’ve bought your first yoyo and you can’t wait to try it out? There is some very important information about your new toy that you must read at some point sooner rather than later. Go ahead and watch a few tutorials, but please come back and read this section about basic yoyo care and maintenance when you have time. There is also a tutorial on how to clean your bearing.

All the tutorials on this page were kindly lent to us by our friends at YoTricks.com. These are not our own and it is not us you see in the videos. However the tricks are standard tricks that all yoyo players learn around the world.

This is our selection of the best yoyo tricks for beginners, which should keep you busy for a while! We have grouped the tricks according to what type of yoyo you have (responsive or unresponsive). Some of the tricks can be done with any yoyo. Read the intro sentence for each section to see if your yoyo is suitable.

For more tutorials by YoTricks, visit their website!


Getting Started

These are the basics for getting started with any yoyo.

Replacing a yoyo string

Adjusting string length

Learn to throw a yoyo

Unresponsive (Modern) Yoyo Basics:

These tricks are the basics of unresponsive yo-yoing. Once you have managed to get the yoyo to return to your hand, scroll down to the Beginner tricks for any yoyo section.

What is unresponsive yoyoing?

How to bind (return) an unresponsive yoyo

Fixing string tension with an unresponsive yoyo

Responsive Yoyo Tricks:

 These tricks require a responsive or traditional yoyo such as the Loop 360.

Quickly wind up the yoyo

The creeper

UFO / Flying Saucer

Walking the dog

Forward pass

Hop the fence

Around the corner



Beginner Tricks for Any Yoyo:

These tricks can be performed with either a responsive or an unresponsive yoyo. If your yoyo is unresponsive, simply return it with a bind when the trick is finished.


Jamaican flag


Rock the baby


Spelling Yo

Eiffel tower


Four-leaf clover

Unresponsive  (Modern) Yoyo Tricks:

In competitions, this type of yoyo play is called 1A. The amount of tricks you can learn in limitless! Below is our pick of bread and butter tricks that will help you master the basics of the 1A style. Once you get the hang of these, you can find a lot more on YoTricks.com! We highly recommend you check out their Yoyo String Tricks Basics section in addition to learning the tricks below.


Barrel rolls

Double or nothing

Split-bottom mount


Skin the gerbil

Split the atom


Buddha’s revenge

For more yoyo tutorials: