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R 550.00


R 550.00

Confused? So are we! It’s a responsive metal yoyo, whut? Not the first of it’s kind, but certainly one of the best. If you like to go old school with style, this one’s for you. The yoyo has a small D size bearing. This is smaller than the standard C size used in most yoyos, which causes the yoyo to spin faster and gives a different feeling. The yoyo is set up for responsive play, but you can change the response pads to thinner pads (supplied) in order to make it a little less responsive. You’re not going to want to walk the dog with this one, but its great for most of the other old school tricks, fixed axle type responsive tricks, and even some basic to intermediate unresponsive tricks. A really fun and different yoyo.

YoyoFactory Confusion Specs:

Diameter:55.95 mm
Width:34.95 mm
Gap Width:2.75 mm
Weight:55.7 grams
Bearing Size:Size D

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