Wide Angle Shutter

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Wide Angle Shutter

An extra wide version of the popular Shutter. World Champion Gentry Stein wanted a yoyo that could handle his flashy style even better. The wider stance makes it easier to land the yoyo on the string when making big movements and doing risky tricks. It incorporates all the tiny tweaks that has perfected the original Shutter over the last few years, and takes it one step further. It has a solid feel on the string, and can finger spin just like the original. An absolute pleasure to play, the Wide Angle Shutter will not disappoint. Scroll down to check out Gentry’s winning freestyle video!

Yoyofactory Wide Shutter Specs:

Diameter:56 mm
Width:48 mm
Gap Width:4.55 mm
Weight:64.3 grams
Bearing Size:Size C Center Trac

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