Yoyos 4 Africa is based in Cape Town

Yoyo Cape Town


Weekly Yoyo Club

Live in Cape Town? So do we! We would be thrilled if you join us! We will happily teach anyone how to yoyo! It’s easier to learn if someone can show you in person. All skill levels are welcome.

Our community is important to us, so we meet every week to exchange tricks and help new players learn. We meet in the city every Wednesday evening after work (from around 5:30 to 7:30) at the Gardens Bowling Club in Upper Wandel Street, Gardens. The club is open in all weather conditions. In the summer we play outside, in the winter we play in the back room. At lest once a year we have an official yoyo contest.

Everyone is welcome!

If you want to join, just show up! You don’t even need a yoyo, you can use ours. If you want to buy a yoyo, please get in touch before the time so we can bring it along.

What’s in it for (all of) us?

Our dream is to one day have a large yoyo community such as the ones on every other continent (except Antarctica) and help to put Africa on the map in the yoyo world. We want to create an environment where people of all ages and all walks of life meet regularly at regional and national events to network, learn, perform, have a laugh and celebrate each other’s success. Learning together with like-minded people is the best and most fun way to learn. Sure, yo-yoing alone is awesome too, but there is really nothing more rewarding than belonging to a supportive community and sharing your journey with others who are eager to share their knowledge and help each other improve.


Address: Gardens Bowling Club, Upper Wandel Street (off Curtis Street)

Time: Every Wednesday from 5:30 pm til about 7:30-ish

THIS IS NOT OUR SHOP ADDRESS. We do not have a physical shop. We have a Yoyo Club here on Wednesdays. Please arrange with us if you want to collect a yoyo during this time.