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R 2,500.00

The ultimate premium throw. C3 Yoyo Design is well respected in the international yoyo community. They have many years of experience in making the best competition yoyos. The is the culmination of this knowledge and brings together all the best design elements. The bi-metal design gives the yoyo more spin time that traditional all aluminium yoyos. The stainless steel rims are denser than aluminium and doesn’t ding quite so easily. It allows the yoyo to have more weight on the rims without compromising speed and agility. It was designed with the help of world champion Shinya Kido, was extensively prototyped until perfection. Although the Krown can be most appreciated by serious players on an advanced level, even a novice can feel the difference in quality. It plays as fast as your hands can move and feels light yet solid on the sting.

C3yoyodesign Specs:

Diameter:54.85 mm
Width:44.58 mm
Gap Width:4.50 mm
Weight:64.7 grams
Bearing Size:Size C Concave