Cape Town Yo-Yo Contest – 29 September 2018

General Information

  • The contest will start at 3pm on Saturday 29 September. Please arrive by 14:30.
  • Entry is free for spectators.
  • Address: Gardens Bowling Club, Upper Wandel Street, Gardens, Cape Town.
  • Trick ladder and Freestyle divisions, please register at least one week before the contest. We need an idea of numbers. Just send us a message / email / whatsapp and tell us which division you want to enter.
  • There will be yoyos for sale on the day. The Bowling club also has a bar and snacks available for purchase. They will have soft drinks and water for kids as well. Please do not bring your own drinks.
  • Accommodation: If there are any throwers on a budget who would like to come from far away, we’ve got a couple of locals with couch space who are willing to host. We may even be able to find a spare room here and there, so do get in touch. We may be able to arrange discounted holiday accommodation for one or two families if anyone should be interested.
  • After party: After the contest, everyone is welcome to stay and have a few drinks with us. There are braai facilities, and anyone is welcome to bring food and have a braai. Although we find it’s a lot less trouble to just order pizzas instead.

Lucky draw

Each contestant, in all divisions, automatically receives one lucky draw ticket. Additional tickets can be purchased at R20 each. All proceeds made from the lucky draw will be put into the prize pot for the Freestyle division.

The lucky draw will take place at the end of the contest while the judges are tallying the scores for the Freestyle division.

Cola Classic Contest

Got an old school yoyo at home? It’s time to dust it off! This contest is open to anyone! Calling all moms & pops, gramps & grans and kids of all ages. The grown-up ones too! Dig out your old Coke, Sprite and Fanta yo-yos and show us what a real yo-yo looks like. This division is open to anyone of any age who does not have experience of a modern unresponsive yoyo. If we get a lot of interest, we may split the groups into age categories on the day.

R20 to enter, winner takes all!

The winner of each group will win the sum of all the entry fees for that age group, so the more friends you encourage to enter, the more you can win. Here are the tricks:

  • The spinner (sleeper)
  • Walk the dog
  • Breakaway
  • Over the falls
  • Rock the baby
  • Three leaf clover
  • Loop the loop
  • Around the corner

This is a knockout tournament, so if a player misses a trick, he or she falls out.

Yo-yo’s will be on sale on the day, but contestants are welcome to use their own. This division is suitable for traditional responsive yoyos, no unresponsive yoyos will be allowed.

Trick ladder contest:

The Trick Ladder is a set list of tricks performed in order of steadily increasing difficulty. Make sure you master Level 1 before moving to Level 2.

You can miss one trick and still continue, a 2nd miss and you are out. If you can make it to level 2 you get a bonus life! (+1 miss) Last player left wins the contest. We will not penalise on missed binds, except for trick number 1 and 7. List of tricks:

Level 1

  1. Sleeper and Bind
  2. Elevator
  3. Eiffel Tower
  4. Brain-Twister (x3)
  5. Barrels Rolls (x3)
  6. Trapeze
  7. Break Away and Bind
  8. Double on Trapeze
  9. Double or Nothing
  10. Matrix

Level 2

  1. Eli Hops
  2. Skin the Gerbil
  3. 1.5 Mount
  4. Mach-5 (x3)
  5. Boingy Boing (x3)
  6. Plastic Whip
  7. Cold Fusion
  8. Gyroscopic Flop
  9. Pop ‘n Fresh (x3)
  10. Kwyjibo

Freestyle Contest

The player gets one and a half minutes to perform any tricks of his/her choice. The tricks are performed to music. Please submit your song, cut to two minutes, before the contest. (We can help with this if needed.) You can submit it via email or bring it on a flash drive to the yoyo club the week before. The extra 30 seconds for the music is so that we can give a little leeway to the player if needed. For example, if the player has a lot of mistakes and loses time undoing knots / changing yoyos, we will give up to 30 seconds extra time to complete the prepared routine. This is not a usual practice in yoyo contests, but we want to encourage our new and young players to also compete in the freestyle division.

Please take additional yoyos with you on stage. If you get a knot on the bearing, change the yoyo quickly and go on with your routine. You will lose valuable time if you try to undo knots.

Freestyle Judging

The judging is based on the guidelines of the International Yoyo Federation. Freestyles will be graded on two criteria: Technical Execution (TE), and Freestyle Evaluation (FE). The final score is a combination of the two scores.

Technical Execution (TE) – 60% – Each judge uses two clickers, one each for positive and negative points. These are added together for the final TE score, which is 60% of the total possible score. Positive points are given for each trick element, such as a hop, string hit, mount, or other movement. Difficult movements such as whips, slacks or horizontal play can score 2 or more points. Any trick miss will cost you points. This includes any loss of control of the yoyo, string miss, yoyo stop, or change of yoyo.

Freestyle Evaluation (FE) – 40% – Judges evaluate 4 categories with a point out of 10, for a total maximum of 40 points, which is 40% of the total possible score.

  • Execution: Success rate of tricks, succession/flow of movements. If you can do your tricks continually with few mistakes, you will score high in this category.
  • Control: Control of yo-yo and string, string tension, trajectory of the yoyo, smooth landings and transitions.
  • Choreography: Try to choreograph the tricks to the beat of the music. Match tricks to cues in the music. For example, when a new verse begins, start a new combo. When the chorus begins, change to a different type of trick. Try to match the speed and tone of the music.
  • Trick Diversity: Using different types of tricks, throws and binds will score you points. Examples of different trick styles include: front style, technical, big tricks, grinds, horizontal